The Journey to Becoming a Marine industry Professional

Want a career in the marine industry but don’t know where to start? Follow some of our scientists on their journey to becoming a marine industry professional.

When students are in the later years of high school figuring out career choices, the process can seem daunting and something that is too far away to care about. What do I want to do, should I go to university or TAFE, what courses to take, should I take a year off, what kind of experience do I need. All of these questions can be overwhelming, potentially leading to confusion, missed opportunities and can create un-needed stress.

COOE principle marine scientist Joe Mifsud, marine ecologist Dr. Nathan Janetzki and environmental scientist Lisa Stevenson MSc (Masters in Marine Ecology) have created a presentation to share their own personal career journeys and experiences from high school through to university and obtaining employment as a marine industry professionals. The presentation covers personal insights into the dos and don’ts on your career journey and explores the variety of career opportunities and pathways into the marine industry.

We will be at Science Alive! at the Marine Discovery Centre booth at the Adelaide Show Grounds November 19th.

If you are In Adelaide we will be giving a presentation ($5 per student) at the Marine Discovery Centre on November 24th from 7-8:30 check out the event page here.

Are you a student/teacher/parent/marine science center interested in having this presentation please Contact Dr. Nathan Janetzki via email at [email protected] and join us on the journey to becoming a marine industry professional.

If you would like to learn more about the team at COOE click here.

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