Sustainable Critical Minerals in Far North Queensland

COOE General Manager, Kate Grundy, had the honour of representing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and environmental matters on a panel discussion around Sustainable Critical Minerals in the Far North Queensland Region, along with other panelists Kate Dickson (AMEC) representing explorers, Michael Hagen (EDMS) representing advanced manufacturing, Mike Limpus (TMG) representing mining operators, and Senator The Hon Matthew Canavan.

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Queensland Mining Rehabilitation Reforms

COOE can assist with the changes put forward in the Queensland Mining Rehabilitation Reforms. The Queensland Government is working to improve rehabilitation and financial assurance outcomes in the resources sector through the delivery of a broad package of reforms. The reforms have involved updates to legislation including changes to financial assurance arrangements (provisions and calculations) and new requirements for progressive rehabilitation and closure of mines.

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Peculiar Knob Annual Flora and Fauna Survey

COOE has undertaken annual flora compliance monitoring at Peculiar Knob since 2014, and in 2020 completed a methodology review and undertook the flora and fauna monitoring program for new owners, Peak Iron Mines. Survey sites were located at various points of operation, at the rail siding, along the haul road, and at the mine.

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Quarry Expansion in North Queensland

COOE provided Project Management and Senior Ecologist services to RPS in 2020 to deliver on environmental approval assessments for a quarry expansion in Far North Queensland. Documents developed during the engagement included: a Preliminary Planning and Environmental Assessment report to assist in planning approval, a Site Based Management Plan, and an Environmental Assessment Report to support an Environmental Authority application.

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Sustainable Bird Management

COOE were engaged by Cherrp® during the testing phase of the system to provide ornithological and agronomic support in the field. The main role was to help train the AI system to identify birds by species and track their activities. COOE scientists and project managers recruited, trained and supervised bird observers with: Bird identification Bird behaviour monitoring Crop damage assessments Bird refuge maintenance Logistics and technical reporting

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Employment Opportunities

COOE has employment opportunities for experienced senior environmental professionals interested in associate or secondment positions in North Queensland. Associate positions are afforded flexible working hours and a generous pay structure. Secondment roles provide great opportunities for professional development for those available to work onsite.

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COOE Bio-Epoxy Resin

The COOE Bio-Epoxy resin makes the production of bio-diesel even greener! COOE Bio-Epoxy does not contain potentially harmful phenols opening great opportunities in the manufacture of safer plastics for the construction and food packaging industry. We also use no solvents! no phenols and not solvents not only make the product safer but virtually no odour! Our trade people tell us this saves them money, because they do not have to work on weekends or evacuate other tenant in a building plus it protects their employee’s health. It has to be a winner!

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