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We deliver practical and sustainable solutions, through science, engineering and management in taking care of our environment.

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We deliver safe, high quality and cost effective services.

We develop innovative and practical solutions that enhance productivity.

We help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives and environmental approvals.

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Our Services

COOE was spun off in 2008 from Natural Resources Services which was established in Darwin in 1992.

We are a highly competent team of scientists, engineers and managers who work in partnership with our clients. 

Committed to Compliance

COOE is committed to its Integrated Business Management Systems and process compliance through ongoing management of Safety, Quality and Environmental systems. 

COOE operates an integrated management system that was certified by ECAAS in 2014 for safety AS/NZA 4801, Environment ISO 14001 and Quality ISO 9001. 

We are proud of our history and culture that demonstrates an excellent track record in quality, safety, risk and environmental management. 

Combined with consistent and sustainable financial management, COOE is a low risk service provider. 

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Queensland (Cairns Office): +61 (0) 406 112 334

Consulting (SA): +61 (0) 413 677 039

Nursery & Administration: +61 (0) 8 8398 5090