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New Silicone Polymer Research

COOE is developing a new Silicone Polymer Coating

The COOE research team is excited by a new R&D project to develop water replant electrodes, using super-hydrophobic silane coating. This is our first European Client and we want to exceed their expectations.

Recognition form a large European manufacturer means a lot to an Australian R&D company, and gives our management and  research team confidence in having made a strong effort and investment in developing our research capabilities over the last five years.

Most research in Australia has in the past been done in Universities or Government Institutions.  However, over the last five years Universities and Government organisations including CSIRO have retrenched many of their top scientist. 

Some of the younger brains have been snapped up by other countries, but the more experienced scientist have families and social networks in Australia and cannot easily relocate overseas.

This has been a great boon to private companies like COOE, enabling us to recruit some of the best scientist in Australia.  In five years we have established a great reputation for our technical capabilities and record of project delivery. 

A business such as COOE can only succeed by delivering research projects on time and on budget, a constraint that Public Institutions do not have.

We have great expectations for our “Silicone Hub”. COOE sees many potential industrial applications for green polymers both carbon and  silicone based.

Our polymer team have many years of experience in this field including developing silicone polymers for an Intra Ocular Len, Sol-Gel technology for purifying water and of course our Green Epoxy Resin which is now in the process of being commercialised through a new company called Change Climate.

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