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Employment Opportunities

Senior Environmental Professional COOE is looking for experienced senior environmental professionals interested in associate or secondment positions in North Queensland. Associate positions are afforded flexible working hours and a generous pay structure. Secondment roles provide great opportunities for professional development for those available to work onsite. The Senior Environmental Consultant...

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Queensland Mining Rehabilitation Reforms

The Queensland Government is working to improve rehabilitation and financial assurance outcomes in the resources sector through the delivery of a broad package of reforms. The reforms have involved updates to legislation including changes to financial assurance arrangements (provisions and calculations) and new requirements for progressive rehabilitation and closure of mines.  These guidelines were most recently updated March...

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bio-epoxy resin

COOE Bio-Epoxy is Born

An epoxy resin that can be made using a waste product from making bio-diesel. The COOE Bio-Epoxy resin makes the production of bio-diesel even greener!

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