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COOE Bio-Epoxy Resin

Above photo is a prayer room built from recycled hotel sheets coated in Bio-Epoxy Resin

COOE Bio-Epoxy Resin made from bio-diesel waste products

Our research and development team has been providing technical support and project management of our clients’ research needs.  While we have had great success over the past decade, the demand for R&D has slowed down as large companies pulled in their R&D expenditure.

Not ones to “sit and wonder why” our team in collaboration with the University of South Australia have researched and developed an epoxy resin that can be made using a waste product from making bio-diesel. The COOE Bio-Epoxy resin makes the production of bio-diesel even greener!

COOE Bio-Epoxy does not contain potentially harmful phenols opening great opportunities in the manufacture of safer plastics for the construction and food packaging industry. We also use no solvents! no phenols and not solvents not only make the product safer but virtually no odour!  Our trade people tell us this saves them money, because they do not have to work on weekends or evacuate other tenant in a building plus it protects their employee’s health.  It has to be a winner!

There is an enormous market for a hard setting, transparent and UV stable epoxy resin.  Hardness test show that COOE Bio-Epoxy is even stronger than current epoxy resins on the market.

There are many other applications besides sealing floors, including marine craft construction, timber coatings and laminates, ceramic coatings, metal rust protection, making jewelry, art, electrical board panels … the list of opportunities for this green epoxy resin is large indeed. 

We have lodged a patent application and sold our first two batches of product, with excellent feedback.  Try it, buy it, or invest in this product.

For more information on COOE’s research & development services click here.

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  1. Damian weddell

    bio epoxy resin. I’m interested in learning more. I’m looking to use for my sculpture.
    based in Geelong.

    1. Joe Mifsud

      Hi Damian,
      My apologies, I just came across this comment when I was updating the COOE web site. Please note that COOE is a research service provider, we handed the commercial aspects of the bio-epoxy technology to Change Climate // We have sculptors using the epoxy resin because it is clear and UV resistant that is it does not yellow over time. We have recently developed a deep pour epoxy resin as well which may be of interest although it is not yet on the market.

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