Super hydrophobic salines

Success in coating metal surfaces with super hydrophobic salines

COOE silicon polymer chemists have been using salines in many applications.  Dr Stephen Clarke and Dr Neil Trout have succeeded in coating specially made metal plates with super hydrophobic silanes for De Nora, who are investigating commercial applications for this technology.

Super-hydrophobic salines have applications in very diverse fields. We are particularly interested in finding industry partners to help us develop new technology with these super hydrophobic silanes.  One area we are particularly interested in is to apply our super hydrophobic coatings in marine (or submarine) vessels to reduce friction/drag.

Our scientist forecast that this technology will help marine engineers achieve higher speeds, especially important for racing craft, and to lower heat and noise signals with significant naval applications.

For more information please contact our science and engineering director, Joe Mifsud. 

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