Consulting and Training

COOE provides an extensive range of consulting, research and teaching services on land and sea, including:

  • Field surveys and studies to investigate soil, water, air, vegetation, fauna, ecology, social impacts.
    • Teaching and Research Licence No. 278 – Animal Welfare Approvals required for each survey event  
  • Impact Assessment to support Project Feasibility Studies and brownfield projects.
  • Permitting, including impact statements and environmental management plans.
  • Environmental Auditing 
  • Professional hire including short term secondments and placements during construction phase.
  • Staff training.
  • Reporting and presentation to community consultation or government.
  • Monitoring and data management.
    • COOE provide trained staff and equipment to undertake all sampling, data collection, processing and secure storage of data.
  • Analysis and interpretation of data and the preparation of detailed scientific reports or routine environmental management and approvals reports.

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