Wave Energy Converter, Port MacDonnell, South Australia
Client – Oceanlink Pty Ltd



Wave Energy Converter, Port MacDonnell, South Australia

Client – Oceanlink Pty Ltd
Services – Marine and Coastal, Planning and Compliance, Community Consultation
Assignment – Oceanlinx Ltd are seeking approval to install, grid connect and operate a 1MW wave energy converter offshore from Port MacDonnell, South Australia.
The project received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) for the manufacture, construction, installation and 12 months operation and environmental monitoring. The unit is designed for an operational life of 25 years. The device operates in a similar manner to an underwater sea cave and blow hole, with no moving parts below the water surface. The unit is a rigid structure and will operate unmanned.
Our Role – COOE are assisting the client with the pre-feasibility component of the project which includes field surveys and desktop assessments. The data acquired will be used in the project’s approvals process and ongoing operation. COOE assisted the client with the Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation (EPBC) referral.

To date, COOE have undertaken several field surveys for the client including intertidal habitat and fauna surveys, supra-tidal flora survey, subtidal geophysical mapping and subtidal habitat mapping. These services include:

    • coastal flora species identification and distribution
    • photo-point monitoring
    • mapping the distribution of marine habitats around the proposed site
    • site assessment involving identification and distribution of coastal flora species.

Data acquired were used to provide site assessments for the suitability of the proposed project. Reports resulting from the field surveys will be used for development applications and proposals. Reports included recommendations for mitigation measures and also mid- to long-term monitoring plans.

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