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Looking for sustainable solutions? Let the COOE team assist, be it consulting, temporary staff assignments or secondments, staff training, research or organising special investigations to obtain an Environmental Permit or Licence to Operate.

We are an accredited Research Service Provider, which makes R&D tax rebates much easier to organise and more transparent to government and shareholders. We are also licenced to provide a Professional Hire Service and Animal Welfare Research and Teaching.

Employment or Sub-Consulting Opportunities:

Looking for an ethical, motivated and professional team to work with? Talk to us, we have the necessary infrastructure to take care of all the administration work, accounting, legal, insurances, certifications, licences. COOE has an excellent team of professionals for technical support and peer review. Please send us your resume and a proposal on how you would envisage working with us.


  • Queensland (Cairns Office): +61 (0) 406 112 334
  • Consulting (SA): +61 (0) 402 375 411
  • Nursery & Administration: +61 (0) 8 8398 5090
  • Mail:  PO Box 591, Littlehampton SA 5250
  • E-mail:

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