Welcome to COOE Pty Ltd


a network of environmental professionals who are passionate about taking care of our environment.


 “We believe that the survival of mankind is dependent on the health of the ecosystem we inhabit and the other species we share it with. We make it our responsibility to learn about our planet and all the species that live on it so we may fully enjoy the beauty and pass it on to our children.”

“我们相信人类的生存依赖于生态系统的健康, 我们在其中栖息并与及其他物种共享一个环境。 我们建立职责去了解这个所有物种一起居住的星球, 这样我们可以充分享受大自然的美丽并将之传递给我们的后代。”

COOE provides high quality environmental services that:

COOE 公司提供高质量的环境保护技术服务:

 •   gives you peace of mind through experienced hands-on technical support,


•   identifies sustainable solutions to environmental and engineering issues,


•   help you to comply with legislative requirements in a cost effective manner, and


•   meets your timelines and budgets through careful project management.



COOE Pty Ltd previously traded as Natural Resources Services Pty Ltd.

COOE公司以前叫做Natural Resources Services公司


Some of the services we offer:                     我们提供的服务包括:

• Professional hire                                        环保专业人才租赁

• Revegetation                                            再种植

• Marine                                                      海洋环保

• Environmental Management Systems        综合环境管理系统

 Reliability, experience and transparency


COOE has been providing high quality environmental services since 1992.

COOE 自1992年以来一直为客户提供高质量的环保服务。

A world class team at your service


COOE has a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals some with more than 30 years experience in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management.





Externally audited ISO Managment Systems by ECAAS and approved to JAS-ANZ standards.

我们的环境管理系统受到国际咨询公司-ECAAS 的独立审计审核并受到JAS-ANZ的认可。

Care of our environment


COOE is an Australian environmental consulting company that delivers strategic solutions worldwide primarily but not limited to the Resource Sector.

COOE公司是一家澳大利亚环境管理咨询公司, 主要为(但不限于)全球能源行业提供环境管理战略方案。

COOE´s highly experienced team of environmental scientists, engineers and managers work in partnership with our clients. We aim to:


•   Deliver a high quality and cost effective service;


•   Develop innovative and practical solutions;


•   Help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives and environmental approvals;


•   Plan each project in consultation with our clients and relevant stakeholders.


 These goals are achieved by establishing clear objectives, rigorous project management and appointing the most appropriate specialist from our team.

我们通过树立清晰的目标, 缜密的项目管理计划,及安排最合适的专家专才来实现这些目标。


COOE’s combined Skill Set and Capabilities


We have extensive field experience in environmental management, impact assessment and mine rehabilitation, with technical expertise in:


•   Mine rehabilitation and site remediation;   


•   Environmental chemistry and toxicology;


•   Water, soil and air quality assessment;


•   Flora and Fauna Baseline Surveys and Monitoring;


•   Marine ecology and oceanography;


•   Sustainable development and community consultation;


•   Environmental staff placements and training; and


•   Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and verification of Carbon Credits.


 COOE offers a complete revegetation services including tree seeding, planting, weed and pest control to support our revegetation and carbon offsets consulting service.


 Due to unprecedented demand in the Mining and Energy Sector, COOE now provides a Professional Hire and support service.


 To find out more about the services we offer, please click on the categories below:

若想对我们的服务有了解更多, 请点击进入以下类别:

•   Professional hire          环保专业人才租赁

•   Mining                         矿区全面环保

•   Revegetation               再种植

•   Marine Monitoring and Management Services      海洋监控及环境管理服务

•   Environmental Management Systems                 综合环境管理系统

 COOE Pty Ltd is licensed to carry on the business of an Employment Agent from SafeWork SA

COOE被SafeWork SA授以职业聘用代理中介的执照

We have over thirty well qualified and keen environmental science or engineering professionals eager to tackle their next challenge. Most have a mining and energy industry background some are recent graduates with excellent potential. Call or email us for a tailored list of professionals for your specific needs.

我们有超过30个环境科学或环境工程专家和专业技术人才,他们资历丰富且热爱事业。他们中大部分人拥有矿业和能源业的工作背景, 另一些人则是极富潜力的毕业生。若想咨询他们的资料以与你们的需求相匹配,请给我司致电或发邮件。

Contact: Sean Steed – Director Professional Hire sean@cooe.com.au +61 (0)8 8362 4282

联络人:  Sean Steed – 总监    电邮: sean@cooe.com.au       电话: +61 (0)8 8362 4282, +61 (0)417 778 020


COOE specialises in the mining & energy industry

COOE 擅长于矿业与能源业的环保技术

 With a strong tradition of service to the mining and energy industry COOE professionals are able to assist our clients achieve their sustainability objectives at every stage of their operation.


 COOE is well established in the mining and energy sector. Our senior staff have considerable experience and technical expertise to quickly and fully understand our clients project needs and deliver a service tailored to meet their specific requirements.

COOE 在矿业和能源业环保领域已打下扎实基础,我们的高级员工具备大量经验及技术专长,能迅速全面地理解客户项目需求,并提供量体裁身式的服务以满足其特殊需求。

 COOE offers a comprehensive environmental support service to assist our clients from exploration to mine closure:


Exploration   开采阶段

•   Develop environmental management plans         制定环境管理计划

•   Undertake site rehabilitation                               实行现场恢复计划

•   Undertake baseline environmental surveys                   实行环境基线勘测


Feasibility / Start-up          可行性分析/开工阶段

•   Undertake environmental investigations to assist in preparing:


o   Environmental Impact Statements                     环境影响申明书

o   Mining And Rehabilitation Programs (PEPR)       采矿及环境恢复程序(PEPR)

o   All other permitting requirements.                     所有其他法律许可要求


Construction           建设阶段

•   Provide technical support and environmental supervision   提供技术支持及环境监督

•   Implement environmental monitoring programs            执行环境监控程序

•   Train environmental staff                                             培训环保员工


Operational       运营阶段

•   Develop and implement Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


•    Prepare environmental reports such as the Annual Environmental Report and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER).


•    Develop and implement environmental monitoring programs – COOE specialises in monitoring programs that provide information to management in a useful form, provide scientific confidence in data without over sampling and help the client identify environmental issues before they become a problem.

制定及执行各项环境监控程序 - COOE擅长于设计各种监控程序能向管理层提供有用的信息,提高数据科学性的信心而又不过度采样,帮助客户及时识别环境隐患从而避免其成为严重问题。

•    Undertake studies, investigations, audits or research in any aspect of mining or oil and gas such as:


◦     acid mine drainage                         矿山酸性排水

◦    ecosystem function analysis       生态系统功能分析

◦    vegetation surveys                          植物勘测

◦    fauna (marine and terrestrial) surveys      动物(海洋及陆地)勘测

◦    water and air quality                       水和空气质量

◦    odour                                              气味质量

◦    dust suppression                                      粉尘消除

◦    waste management                         废水管理

◦    waste rock characterization             废石定性

◦    groundwater (chemistry and fauna)          地下水(化学和动物)

◦    environmental toxicology                环境毒理学

 •    Provide environmental staff on secondment from the graduate level through to environmental superintendent level to help during peak periods and while key staff are on leave.


•    Train or mentor staff on site, this is especially useful for operations that do not have an internal environmental training system. 


Monitoring     监控阶段

COOE staff can design and implement monitoring programs that are scientifically defensible, cost effective and provide valuable management tools for our clients.


 The monitoring programs we provide include:  这套管理程序包括:

•   Water quality                                                      水质量

•   Soil chemistry and moisture content                             土壤化学及水分含量

•   Dust / Air quality                                                          粉尘/空气质量

•   Environmental Functional Analysis (vegetation and landform)          环境功能分析(植物及地形)

•   Erosion in terrestrial and marine environments   陆地及海洋环境侵蚀

•   Topsoil management                                          表土管理

•   Vegetation surveys                                             植物勘测

•   Fauna (terrestrial and aquatic) surveys including specialist fields:


•   Stygofauna(生活在地下水系统的动物群)

•   Rocky reef / Coral                                     岩礁珊瑚

•   Seagrass                                                       海草

•   Intertidal and mangrove fauna              潮间带和红树林动物群

•   Metal accumulation                                  金属累积

•   Marine and river sediments                    海洋及河域沉淀物

•   Oceanography (Thermocline, currents)     海洋学(温跃层,水流)

Rehabilitation                   环境恢复阶段

COOE has extensive technical expertise in mine rehabilitation research, land forming engineering design, project management and implementation, monitoring and training. COOE has developed tools for tracking closure and facilitate the recovery of environmental bonds as rapidly as possible.

COOE拥有广泛的技术专长,具体表现在矿区环境恢复的调查研究,土壤整治方案的设计,环保项目的管理及实施,技术辅导和培训。COOE还开发了一系列用于追踪采矿结束的工具, 并可帮助工地现场尽可能快地恢复至环境底线。

 COOE can train local stakeholders in seed harvesting and storage techniques, tree planting and seeding. COOE can provide seeding, spraying, pest control and other equipment and supervision to ensure revegetation success.

COOE可在种子收获及储存技术,播种和植树技术等方面培训当地利益相关第三方。 COOE还可提供播种,喷洒, 控制害虫服务及其他相关设备,并提供监督服务以确保再种植的成功实现。

Professional Hire or Secondments 


COOE provides environmental professionals on permanent placement, long term assignments or short term secondments fully supported (if needed) by our experienced senior professionals.  This provides our clients with continuity of services during peak work loads or while staff are on vacation. Once established our mine environmental specialists will become familiar with your site, your people and your culture.

COOE提供专业人才中介服务,包括永久聘用,长期合同或短期借调,如有需求,他们都会受到我们高级专家的全力支持。 这项服务为客户在高峰作业或员工休假期间提供服务的连续性。 一旦与客户建立起业务关系,我们的环境专才会尽快了解与熟悉客户现场工地,客户员工和客户文化。

 We can also provide graduates or junior environmental staff backed by technical support from our highly experienced senior professionals.


Benefits to the client:  


1.  The client minimises their exposure to environmental non-compliance and costly shut downs,         


2.  Maintains continuity of monitoring programs and reporting,       


3.  Management are informed of any environmental incident and have someone on the ground who can implement an environmental response in a timely manner,         客户的管理层能即时获取任何环境事故的信息,并确保现场有人能及时地执行环境事故应变应急处理方案,

4.  Frees up management time because COOE screens, trains and provides technical support to the environmental advisor, and           


5.  Saves the loss of recruitment fees, relocation expenses should the person not workout.           


Waste rock characterization 


Physical and geochemical characterisation of waste rock is essential for developing rehabilitation programs and acid leachate management plan.


 This service is especially useful for the older mine sites to inform clients of potential liabilities (such as acid generation) and identify potential resources (such as suitable construction material, site remediation materials and even low grade ore).



联络人:  Sean Steed – 总监    电邮: sean@cooe.com.au       电话: +61 (0)8 8362 4282, +61 (0)417 778 020