Is to deliver practical and sustainable solutions, using our expertise in science, engineering and management to the benefit of our communities and clients in taking care of our environment.

COOE provides safe, efficient and effective technical support services that:

  • assist our clients obtain environmental approvals and a social licence to operate
  • identify sustainable solutions to environmental, agricultural and energy issues
  • assist project owners and contractors in complying with legislative requirements
  • meet milestones and budgets through careful project management and communication.

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A professional team at your service

COOE was established in 1992 (or Natural Resource Services back then) and has built a highly competent team of scientists, engineers and managers who work in partnership with our Clients. Our staff are well qualified and experienced professionals who appreciate the rewarding, flexible and safe work environment we offer. New staff are carefully selected and mentored by experienced professionals and are exposed to a range of professional challenges. Our staff have ample opportunities to get “hands on” field work and project management experience.

COOE Associate Consultants are very experienced professionals who work within the COOE company structure and management systems. We make sure that our Associates have full technical, logistical and administrative support to make sure we as a team deliver good quality work, and protect our client through extensive risk management strategies. To view our team please click here.

We aim to:

  • Deliver good quality and cost effective services
  • Develop innovative and practical solutions that enhance productivity
  • Design and implement robust scientific research methods
  • Help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives and environmental approvals
  • Plan each project in consultation with our clients and relevant stakeholders
  • Maintain an effective inventory and the necessary experience which allows us to quickly mobilise anywhere in the world
  • Provide specialists in managing environmental incidents; with sound experience in managing major tailings spills, developing remediation and rehabilitation plans, supervising the remediation and closure, and liaison with stakeholders.

These goals are achieved by establishing clear objectives, rigorous project management and allocating the most experienced and best fit specialist team for your project.