Improve and grow your business with COOE  

As a private organisation, we aim to form great client relationships, see return business and get referals from satisfied clients. We measure performance by the number of new products, patents and spinoff companies.  

Talk to our spcialists you will be surprised with how many of your current activities can be improved with a carefully designed research program, and qualify for Tax rebates!

Research Service Provider RSP N0. 95728

COOE is a registered Research Service Provider under section 29A of the Industry Research and Development Act 1986. COOE has the appropriate scientific and technical experts and resources to undertake research and development on behalf of Clients, who can claim R&D Tax Concession.  We are registered for the following research areas:

  • 0402 – Geochemistry
  • 0799 – Agricultural and Veterinary Science
  • 0502 – Environmental Science and Management
  • 0303 – Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry

COOE provides the specialist staff you need to track activities and the infrastructure to undertake the research. For more information click here or see a specific example by clicking here

Our experienced scientist are available to clearly identify research objectives, design robust and efficient research programs, undertake the work and report.  We also prepare all the documentation required for claiming R&D tax concessions.

Animal Research and Teaching Licence N0. 278

Our fauna and ecology specialist operate under our Animal Welfare Research and Teaching Licence to undertake ethical fauna surveys. We will organise all Wildlife Ethics Committee Permits, please note these require a three months lead as the ethics committee only sits every quarter.