Commercialisation of green products

Our scientist and engineers are busy turning great ideas into products. We are working on several polymers made from renewable resources with applications in the medical, building and manufacturing industries.  One such product has just reached the commercial production scale, and our first batch sales and feedback are excellent.

COOE Pty Ltd have developed a new Green Epoxy Resin, that is one made from renewable resources. Our raw chemical building block (a polyol) is a waste product from the bio-fuel industry, it can’t get much greener! This product does not use Bis-Phenols! Another advantage from a health perspective, with a tremendous potential for replacing traditional BPA or BPS based plastics in many food containers. go to page

COOE has a green hydraulic oil formulation that can be made from most vegetable oils, we have tested canola, mustard seed, soy bean oils.  This product has great potential in the mining and agricultural industry, as hydraulic spills will not contaminate the soil. If interested in partnering with us in developing this product please contact us.

We have several projects on the research list under the supervision of some great scientists check our team.